Vivek in the News!

  1. The Caffe Latte Attack featured on the CBS5 6PM news!

    Vivek Ramachandran along with Airtight Colleague Rick Farina demonstrated the Caffe Latte Attack against the iPhone at the Paulo Alto Coffee Shop. An offline video is available below:


  2. The Caffe Latte Attack makes headlines on major news sites!

    vivek toorcon 9

    Vivek Ramachandran discovered the Caffe Latte Attack along with an Airtight colleague MD Sohail Ahmad. This discovery made every employee of an organization still continuing to use WEP, an attack vector. Please find below a non exhaustive list of news websites which wrote about the Caffe Latte Attack:

    For a complete list of articles Click Here to Search Google for Caffe Latte Attack.


  3. WEP Cloaking Exposed voted one of the best presentations at Defcon 15!

    vivek defcon 15

    Vivek Ramachandran's presentation on WEP Cloaking was a great success and the audience unanimously agreed that WEP was broken beyond repair and that WEP Cloaking or any other band-aid technologies were a far cry from the solution. Please find below a listing of sites which talk about his presentation:


  4. Vivek Ramachandran makes in to the India Top 10 list of the Microsoft Security Shootout Contest!

    vivek microsoft security shootout

    Microsoft organized an all India web application security competition called the Microsoft Security Shootout in 2006. There were 4 stages of increasing difficulty and over 50,000+ participants to compete with. Vivek was among the Top 10 people in the competition and was awarded at a public ceremony held in Bangalore.